Introducing The Powerful AI Fairness 360

Virtuous AI offers AI Fairness 360 – an extensive set of open-source metrics for identifying unintentional bias in datasets and machine learning models, as well as cutting-edge techniques to reduce bias.

To lessen that unwelcome bias, the AIF360 package’s initial release includes nine alternative algorithms created by a larger group of algorithmic fairness researchers.

The package serves as a means for all researchers to collaborate as well as a means for data scientists, data engineers, and developers deploying solutions in many industries to understand the outcomes of our combined study.

The Impact Of Biases

The AI Fairness 360 toolkit is an open-source, flexible library that contains methods created by the research community to assist in identifying and reducing bias in machine learning models over the course of the AI application lifecycle. Python and R versions of the AI Fairness 360 package are both available.

Included in the AI Fairness 360 are the features:

– A complete collection of measures for testing biases in datasets and models.

– The rationales behind these measurements.

– Models and datasets bias mitigation algorithms. Its goal is to move algorithmic research from the lab into real-world applications in a variety of industries, including banking, human capital management, healthcare, and education.

Let AI Professionals Assist You

Our team is dedicated to the moral and legitimate application of AI technologies, assisting companies in identifying and controlling any biases. In order to promote trust between humans and technology, we support moral AI practices.

Rigorous Methods

Virtuous AI offers solutions with long-lasting effects by employing a rigorous methodology. We investigate how using AI technology will impact society in both short and long terms.

We want to make sure that our customers can develop long-lasting solutions that will enhance their business procedures. We put a lot of effort into developing best practices for moral AI, evaluating risks and potential consequences, developing appropriate governance frameworks, and including stakeholders.

A Powerful Toolkit

AI Fairness 360 is an open source toolkit that can be used to identify, assess, and reduce bias and discrimination in machine learning models. It includes algorithms created by the research community and metrics such as Theil index, Euclidean distance, Manhattan distance, Mahalanobis distance, and others.

It can also evaluate many characteristics of individual and group fairness, such as statistical parity difference, equal opportunity difference, average chances difference, differential impact, and more. All of these are readily available to help you with anything associated with AI ethics and the like.

Our team of pros at Virtuous AI can assist you with all your AI Fairness 360-related concerns. We have just the right team of people who can work together with you and your business to achieve all your technological goals.

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