Check for Unwanted Bias in Data Sets with AIF360

Algorithmic bias is a form of systemic discrimination based on the data used to create and train algorithms to make decisions. An algorithmically biased system will always provide biased results according to the bias built into it, therefore disadvantaging certain groups of people.

Without proper intervention, these biases can cause discrimination in areas such as access to credit, job prospects, healthcare, sentencing in criminal justice systems, and law enforcement operations. This raises concerns about fairness in AI and what steps can be taken to mitigate any form of discrimination.


AI Fairness 360: Detecting and Mitigating Bias in ML Models

AI Fairness 360 is an open source software platform designed to help identify and mitigate algorithmic bias in data sets. AIF360 also provides an audit trail for any changes made to the data so that these changes can be tracked and evaluated.

70 Fairness Metrics

AIF360’s algorithms help find and explain bias in a variety of ways, including fairness metrics, statistical parity measures, group fairness measures, average odds difference, Theil index, Manhattan distance, and more. It also includes several visualizations to make it easier for users to understand how their models perform with respect to different groups.

How to evaluate machine learning models?

Whether used in finance, healthcare, or consumer products, this toolkit can help organizations make well-informed decisions quickly and effectively.

For example, AI Fairness 360 can help healthcare providers detect biases in patient risk scores or treatments by comparing different groups’ outcomes.

In the legal system, AIF360 can assess whether criminal justice algorithms are fairly applied across different races and genders.

And for financial services companies, it provides the means to evaluate loan approval processes for any potential bias toward specific demographics.

By utilizing this powerful toolset within their own internal development processes today, organizations can develop AI systems with fairness-compliant results for more reliable decision-making tomorrow.

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