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AI Algorithm Bias

Human bias has been recorded for decades, operating almost entirely on an unconscious level. While people might tend to believe that they are not susceptible to biases and stereotypes, bias has become part of our reality whether we like it or not—so much so that it has made its way into artificial intelligence systems. AI…
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AI Application Development

AI application development is a rapidly evolving field that can be used to create innovative solutions for businesses. By leveraging data and machine learning, developers are able to create sophisticated applications with the potential to revolutionize how companies operate.  AI applications can be used in any industry, from finance and logistics to healthcare and retail.…
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AI Product Development

AI product development is a growing field that seeks to create products and services that leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. It involves applying existing AI technologies to real-world applications. Let’s explore how AI product development benefits businesses and what you need to know when starting your own project. Benefits of AI Product…
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Machine Learning App Development

Machine learning app development opens up a world of new possibilities. It enables businesses and organizations to automate processes, gain insights from data, and develop tailored solutions that are difficult or impossible to achieve through traditional programming techniques. ML app development can be used in various industries and for different purposes. Before we dive into…
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Removing Bias From AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) can now be found in almost every industry, from healthcare to transportation and finance. AI’s use has been critical for organizations looking to streamline operations and spot potential trends that are hidden from the human eye. Despite this, many businesses have failed to consider one important aspect of using AI: its inherent…
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How to Build an AI App Ethically

AI app development is the creation of computer applications that use artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to carry out tasks without direct human input. AI apps utilize machine learning, natural language processing, and other advanced techniques to analyze data faster and more accurately than traditional software solutions. This enables companies to create highly personalized customer experiences…
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Can Artificial Intelligence be Ethical?

Since the development of AI, experts and policymakers have been pondering if Artificial intelligence can be ethical. Naturally, this is followed by the issue of how to make ethical AI. Ethical AI is a set of design principles to ensure that artificial intelligence (AI) systems are fair, just, and transparent. The goal is to ensure…
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How to Reduce Bias in Machine Learning

Nowadays, machine learning is utilized in various industries, from healthcare to finance and retail. It suggests ways to improve operational efficiency and simplifies decision-making. However, due to its complexity, businesses may face difficulties when dealing with data accuracy and outcomes variability. By taking the right approach, you can proactively reduce variance and ensure that your…
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Real-Time AI Alerts with Virtue Insight

Virtue Insight is Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) developed to supplement your current data pipeline. Our platform provides the tools and resources you need to build cutting-edge AI systems designed to meet the highest ethical standards. We believe that AI can potentially transform the world for the better, but only if it is developed responsibly and ethically. That’s…
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Benefits of IaaS

REAP THE BENEFITS OF IAAS One of the most significant developments in cloud computing is Infrastructure-as-a-Service or IaaS. IaaS is one of the foundational components of cloud computing. IaaS benefits give businesses access to virtual hardware, storage, and networking resources on demand. IaaS, to put it simply, is essentially virtual servers that a customer rents…
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