Moderate Content

What is Content Moderation?

Moderating content is taking accountability for content your users post. That includes filtering chats, blocking posts, removing comments, etc.. With Virtuous AI’s Virtuous Insight, you set the guidelines with or without our help on the Virtuous Cloud platform. Virtuous AIs servers continuously moderate forums online/offline in accordance with your selected performance metrics. We then generate user behavior profiles on social mediums to better predict or enforce your guidelines. Then we help you scale your product to the next level. So you can focus on your product. All of this goes into you creating YOUR perfect user experience using our big data and state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI). Thus, keeping you and your teams out of trouble even with all of the new laws and regulations still to come.

Learn About Your Users

Boost your platform intelligence using Virtuous Insight. Trained with vast amounts of data collected across various platforms, Virtuous AI’s powerful algorithms monitor user behavior to determine their level of commitment to your brand. You can even identify your liberal and conservative users and curate their experiences. Additionally, keep trolls away from your assets to make every interaction on your platform one that creates value for your company. At Virtuous AI, we are all about values.

Stop Bullying & Hate

Our highly intelligent software works continuously to keep your online space free from violence, hate, indecent, or illegal content. This preserves your company’s reputation. Also, the system keeps your users accountable, reducing your overall moderation load & increasing efficiency. This can decrease the costs of human moderation up to 95%. Also, it will reduce the number of instances of PTSD suffered by real human moderators. Lastly, it allows you to responsibly forge the type of culture that aligns with your company’s values.

Filter Profanity & Explicit Content

Quickly respond to your users posts. Just fill out a series of preferences to generate your blacklists. Then we help you choose your responses. You can send warnings, fake send, mute, escalate to human moderators. Therefore, you can retain all of the users you choose while curbing their bad behavior.


Do not see something that you need? We will build it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is content moderation?

Content moderation helps you manage your brand. It is used to remove videos, text, and images posted onto your platform that don’t conform to your standards. First you choose platform guidelines. Next, you determine how you will respond to breaches in behavior. Lastly, you implement a system to enforce these guidelines. The result will be a community that grows to nurture the environment that you wanted. Download our introduction PDF towards the top of the page.

2. Why moderate content?

Management systems help curb bad behavior while promoting good behavior. Sometimes user-generated content is illegal, reduces user experiences, does not conform to your companies values, or repels other users. Moderate content so you can forge the environment that you want. See more information in our introduction PDF towards the top of the page.

3. Who should moderate content?

Virtuous AI automates the process of monitoring over social media. However, you have the ability to incorporate human-in-loop (HIL) in order to better handle the gray areas or actively monitor escalated issues. You make API calls to our REST API. We send you back recommendations. You can adjust the settings on our Virtuous Cloud platform.

4. What are the rules and regulations I should be concerned about?

Some standard rules to consider when moderating online content is COPPA and GDPR. These rules are some of the more strict ones as they concern treatment of children’s data. See our regulations PDF towards the top of the page.

5. How does Virtuous AI’s content moderation work?

See our models PDF towards the top of the page for more information. You can also look at our Forum for demonstrations and tutorials.

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