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Rory Donovan
February 8, 2023

Over View

Your Weekly AI Digest

Hello everyone. Welcome to this weeks addition of state-of-art best practices in AI and Ethics.Hoper you all had a wonderful week. Today we will be talking about AI terminology.


AI Is Terrible at Detecting Misinformation. It Doesn’t Have to Be.

MetaAI’s recently announced (and hurriedly retracted) Galactica, for example, can generate whole stories like these (examples below from The Next Web editor Tristan Greene), using just a few key strokes, writing essays in scientific style like, “The benefits of antisemitism” and “A research paper on benefits of eating crushed glass.” And what it writes is frighteningly deceptive; the entirely fictitious glass study, for example, allegedly aimed “to find out if the benefits of eating crushed glas…

Deep Learning Alone Isn’t Getting Us To Human-Like AI

“Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia” – George Orwell, “1984” For nearly 70 years, perhaps the most fundamental debate in artificial intelligence has been whether AI systems should be built on symbol manipulation — a set of processes common in logic, mathematics and computer science that treat thinking as if it were a kind of algebra — or on allegedly more brain-like systems called “neural networks.” A third possibility, which I personally have spent much of my career arguing for, aims …

Meta Trained an AI on 48M Science Papers. It Was Shut Down After 2 Days

Upon Galactica’s launch, the Meta AI team said it can summarize areas of research, solve math problems and write scientific code. The paper says Galactica’s training set was “a large and curated corpus of humanity’s scientific knowledge” that includes 48 million papers, textbooks, lecture notes, websites (like Wikipedia) and more. Can summarize academic literature, solve math problems, generate Wiki articles, write scientific code, annotate molecules and proteins, and more. ‘Random bullshit gene…


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