AI Pricing

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per month

  • 2 MB Memory (1 Pipeline)
  • Development Tools (Data Sheets & Model Cards)
  • Prediction Explanations
  • Up to 10 XAI API Calls
  • Limited Widget Access
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per month

  • Free Insight Features +
  • 2 GP Memory (Up to 10 Pipelines)
  • If-Then Explainability
  • Unlimited XAI API Calls
  • Bias Monitor
  • Real-time Alerts
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Advanced Insight


per month

  • Complete Insight Features +
  • 1000 GB Memory (Unlimited Pipelines)
  • Up to 10 Human-in-Loop Sessions with AI Expert
  • Custom Ethics Scoring Widget
  • Custom Templates
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AI Pricing

AI technology has become increasingly popular in recent years. The cost of AI, however, can be cost-prohibitive for some businesses. AI software price depends on the type of application and its complexity.

Factors That Affect AI Pricing

Suppose you need a basic AI algorithm to help automate mundane tasks. The cost will likely be lower than more complex applications such as natural language processing or facial recognition, which require sophisticated algorithms and massive amounts of data. Furthermore, AI deployments often involve expensive hardware and software licenses that can quickly add up.

The cost of implementing an effective AI system also includes:
– Training the model with large datasets.
– Engaging experts in designing and developing the system.
– Maintenance costs over time.
– Integrating it within existing systems.
– Potential consulting fees for legal or regulatory compliance.

Cost-Efficient AI Software

How can businesses save money on AI software without compromising quality or features? One cost-effective option is to invest in open-source solutions. Open-source solutions are free and may include some of the most sophisticated and cutting-edge AI technologies.

Furthermore, businesses can reduce costs by leveraging existing software platforms, such as cloud computing platforms or software licenses that can help manage data costs effectively. Businesses can also look for providers who offer cost-efficient pricing models which can be more flexible than traditional cost structures.

Virtue Insight

Virtue Insight is an infrastructure-as-service developed to provide companies with value-driven results they can rely on. It is a user-friendly platform with drag-and-drop features that allow you to manage and interact with your data.

1. Diagnose bias – VirtuousAI helps clients implement fairness metrics to prevent bias and discrimination using our patented system.
2. Real-time updates – With real-time alerts on AI data, companies can make proactive decisions based on timely information.
3. Logic and practicality – It’s essential to ensure adequate resources are in place to explain and justify AI decisions.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the cost of AI software?

The cost of AI software depends on the type of application and its complexity. Generally, basic applications cost less than more complex ones.


What other costs should be taken into consideration when implementing an AI system?

Other cost considerations include expert consultation fees for legal and regulatory compliance, cost of data storage, cost of cloud computing platform fees, and cost of software licenses.


What are your plans and pricing for Virtue Insight?

For more information on plans and pricing, get in touch with VirtuousAI. We offer free consulting and subscription trials for a limited time only.

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To learn more about our AI solutions, schedule a demo with our team today. We will work with you to understand your cost considerations.