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AI for the Common Good, Part Two

In our last blog we explored the power of AI for the Common Good, spotlighting a couple of initiatives to find workable solutions to promote fair and unbiased AI systems. The greatest challenge is connecting people and spreading the wealth of knowledge and resources to those without internet access – some 19 million Americans, according…
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AI for Social Good

AI For Social Good Even in the digital age, the FCC reports 19 million Americans do not benefit from equitable access to the internet. In rural America, that reality translates to an astonishing 25%. One of the downsides to technological innovation is that some people simply get left behind. So, just as crucial as using…
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History of AI Ethics – Why AI Explainability Is Important

The Need for Regulation   Despite the transformative power of AI and its wide adoption in the industry, regulatory efforts governing AI Ethics have consistently failed to keep up with its development, especially as we consider artificial intelligence’s rapid growth in the past decade.   Since the advent of modern AI with machine learning algorithms, several public incidents…
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Ethical AI Terminology

As a prelude to future discussions about ethical AI, let’s look at three terms you must know to be conversant in Ethical AI.  These terms – and their meaning – are essential for legitimate AI fluency for a broad cross-section of the AI ecosystem – developers, government officials, and corporate leadership, among others: AI Fairness (related closely to Bias), AI Transparency /Explainability,…
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How to Develop Ethical AI – 5 Best Practices

1. Include multiple stakeholders in your AI programming decision-making.   Begin by pulling together a small committee – with different functions and points of view.  The group should include potential users, customers, your development team, and management.  Make sure you bring in someone impartial concerning your company’s product and services.  A diverse group of individuals will pay dividends toward…
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