Virtue Insight

AI Infrastructure as a Service (AI IaaS)

Virtue Insight is Infrastructure-as-a-Service developed to supplement your current data pipeline. Our easy to use platform allows you to either drag and drop your data or interact using our REST API to get yourself up and running in no time. Diagnose and analyze your systems correspondence to custom requirements.

“In 2021, the average businesses impacted by bad PR because of bias lost approximately 60 % of revenue. Virtue Insight allows developers to shift left and validate before committing unsafe AI to production where it could negatively impact your bottom line.” – Rory Donovan, Founder & CEO



Diagnose Bias

There are numerous fairness metrics as well as laws against discrimination. We help you choose the right ones for your application using our patented system.


Diagnostics with Alerts

Get Real-time Alerts

Shifting of your data indicates that it is changing, which often means a decrease in performance or reliability. Get alerts in real-time of potential problems.


Diagnostic Reports

Explain Everything

Understand feature importance, educate users, and get recommended actions to increase trust and ensure eases compliance with laws.

Diagnose Your Compliance

There are many rules, laws, and best practices out there. Whether it is for keeping legally compliant with GDPR Article 22, out of the news, or away from eternal damnation, we have got you covered. We provide you with Virtue Scores to suit your custom needs including Fairness Index for bias, and Reliability Index for outliers/drift and prediction variability.

Monitor Your Biases

Biases are pervasive and extremely caustic. They can be especially difficult to identify if you cannot explain what your model is doing. Along with using our explainer, you can track systematic disadvantage to various demographics (such as sex, race, disability, among copious others groups) that may be immoral and/or illegal. (We are also working hard on our “Recommender” which will soon help you make changes right from our diagnostics page).


Alert Your Team in Real-time

In a fast moving world with drastic shifts in current events, datashift can be a real threat to your production AI models reliability. Along with tracking datashift, we can help you setup alerts. Trigger warnings when your criterion are met, including input or output shift, as well as detecting outlier, indicating that your model is beginning to navigate uncharted territory and might be a threat to your users and your credibility. Just click a couple buttons, fill out a couple fields and you are ready to start receiving alerts for either you to your inbox in less than a couple minutes.


Explain Your Predictions

Explanations can help with complying with laws (such as the GDPR), debugging your models to trust them, explaining to customers why they should trust your models, educating yourself how to improve them, among numerous other reasons. Understand to trust your prediction with explanations of feature importance and contributions to your predictions using our explainability whitebox “Shadow” Models. These models are trained using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques including AUTOML to tell you what your model is doing, or at least if you should even have the confidence to trust your models ability to make accurate predictions.


Get Access Expert Advisor in Legal Compliance, AI Explainability, Bias, and More

Get help understanding understanding your models, interpreting your virtue scores, and complying with various legal and ethical requirements so that you never have to worry. Consult with someone with expertise specific to your requirements. This allows you access at any time without having to hire your own team in-house as you will AI Ethics experts (including lawyers) at the tip of your finger.



Custom Templates & Stakeholder Groups

Got another need that is not GDPR compliance? We have a patented custom template system as well as stakeholder groups that allows you to diagnose and track your own metrics, objectives, and even crowdsource responses from your team, users, customers, or custom demographics so that you never have to worry…

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