Why VirtuousAI

AI Systems are being deployed with no effective means of identifying bias, discrimination, hate speech or other inappropriate content

Today’s solutions are costly and inaccurate. Compliance is difficult with rapidly changing standards. Companies using AI are at high risk.


Virtue Advisory Solves:

Biases being pervasive throughout AI models and algorithms in various products



Virtue Diagnostic & Virtue Moderation Solves:

Companies not having an efficient way of enforcing identification of biases, rectifying them, and tracking predictions



All-in-one VirtuousAI platform Solves:

Fragmented solutions available to address problems with AI systems but no comprehensive offering from strategy through implementation – until now

VirtuousAI is Your Solution

We focus on Ethics, Scalability, & Community. Our solutions are made to work for you.

Geared Towards Developers

We know how developers want AI tech. We provide advice and technology to rapidly improve your AI Systems

Patented Virtue Insight

Our user generated and accumulated data is engineered for in-depth insight on how your content and AI impacts user behavior


We are the first company actively analyzing and automating the ethical AI implementation process, from start to finish

VirtuousAI Certification

Let your customers know you are Ethical AI compliant with our industry standard seal. Our tools help showcase your efforts

About VirtuousAI

At Virtuous AI, we believe in encoding human values into technology. We want you to be able post your content online, get eyes on it, and get feedback quickly that you would not be able to in a closed environment. We are inspired to bring equitable tools and access to companies to create better, more responsible AI solutions. Thus, we provide data scientists and upper management with a collaborative environment for developing and deploying AI that is ethical, precise, and secure. We were founded in 2019 after seeing the impact unchecked AI can have on our society as evident in tech scandal after scandal regarding the abuses and malfunctions caused by unethical and biased AI. We make the process of going AI Ethical as easy as possible by bringing everything you need to you through our transformative products.

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