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Using "Whitebox" ML Models developed by Ethical AI Experts

“ML models that other companies offer are “blackboxes’ in that the are unable to be explained and therefore it is difficult to trust their decisions. Using them may even be illegal and harm your sales. VirtuousAl provides few shot re-trainable “whitebox” ML models built from custom C libraries with human-interpretable predictions so that you can justify to managers and customers and ensure quality.” – Rory Donovan, CEO


Generate Better

Generate text-to-text, text-to-image/video, image/video-to-text. Trained on massive amounts of data on non-conventional hardware in a unique way allows it to be more modular, scalable, human-friendly, V-AGI is distinguished in its class. The result is a more intelligent application that is responsible, governable, transparent, and many more adjectives.


Interpret More

Inject a single line of code employing our REST API and we’ll show you why your pre-existing proprietary model produced the results that it did using our powerful “whitebox” shadow model. Use this information to improve your models and communicate what they are doing to your users so that they can trust it.


Get Help from AI Experts

Need help? Sign up for our premium package with on-demand Advice and consult with AI geniuses while developing your AI. Topics include explaining your AI, staying compliant with the law, establishing trust in your AI, all applied to model architecture.

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