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Deliver production-ready generative and predictive AI in days, not months, with our "AI in a Box" platform

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Generate precision output with explanations through our proprietary knowledge-graph RAG architecture

Privacy by Design

Maintain complete control of your sensitive data with in-model access controls, hosted or on-prem

"AI is no longer a luxury – it's a necessity for staying competitive
But many companies struggle to harness AI's potential due to high development costs, inaccurate results from generic models, and complexities of building impactful solutions"
Chris Happ - CEO, VirtuousAI


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Avoid the complexity and high costs associated with developing Enterprise-grade AI solutions - even with limited expertise

Use the foundation or predictive models of your choice on our our "AI in a Box" platform


Get precision results and clear explanations of your AI's output

Our proprietary knowledge-graph RAG architecture ensures you have visibility and control over how models generate output


Manage model data permissions to ensure individuals access only allowed information

Deploy in the cloud or on-premise, ensuring your data privacy needs are met

Precise output with detailed reasoning

Have confidence in your AI - Ensure accuracy, regulatory compliance, accountability, and fairness while reducing bias and errors

Our platform's transparent, explainable, and governable architecture provides the visibility and control required to meet enterprise-level quality
My RouterCo XJ324 router isn't updating automatically. I'm getting the error "-3: Configuration auto-update failed". How do I get this working?
The error "-3: Configuration auto-update failed" typically indicates that the router was unable to complete the auto-update process due to a network connectivity problem

1. Check Network Connection
     a. Ensure the router is connected to the internet
     b. Verify that network cables are securely connected and the internet service is active.

2. Check for Network Configuration Errors
     a. Verify that the router’s settings & network configuration allows access to the update endpoint:
     b. Reset any custom settings that might interfere with the update process

If this issue continues to persist, contact support

Tailored output using only authorized data

In-model data access controls enable end users to receive outputs tailored to their specific roles, ensuring they only access the data they are authorized to see. This approach enhances data security by restricting access to sensitive information, while still providing relevant and precise insights for each user's needs
Executive Specific Output
BrandCo's overall performance is strong, with a 15% increase in quarterly revenue. Their satisfaction score is at 92%, and we have secured a three-year contract extension
Sales Specific Output
BrandCo has increased their quarterly purchases by 20%, showing strong engagement with our new product line. They are also interested in a customized solution for next quarter
Support Specific Output
BrandCo has reported a 95% resolution rate on support tickets this month. There are currently two open tickets, and overall customer feedback is positive

Unlock the power of AI without the complexity

With our intuitive "AI in a Box" platform you can swiftly build and deploy AI solutions without the complexity of custom development, even with limited AI expertise

Our unique platform architecture provides the levels of explainability, accuracy, and privacy required for mission-critical enterprise applications

About Us

Founded with a passion to create a better brain computer interface, we realized we had created more precise and explainable artificial intelligence.
- Rory Donovan, Founder

VirtuousAI was founded on the deep research our founder conducted in brain-machine interfaces. He realized that the techniques used in neuro research could revolutionize the development of explainable AI. This insight led him to create a company dedicated to building AI that is not only highly efficient but also transparent, governable, and ethical.

We stand for innovation that respects privacy and promotes fairness, ensuring that businesses can leverage advanced AI technologies with confidence. Our commitment is to develop AI tools that not only enhance decision-making but also uphold the highest standards of accountability and integrity.

The Team

"I would put our VAI team against any in our space - uniquely accomplished as individuals, they have collectively built a better product offering a more explainable, private, and cost effective AI"

- Chris Happ, CEO Virtuous AI
Alan Salimov
AI Engineer - GNN
BS Computer Science, Stanford
Applied Machine Learning Researcher with a background in Graph Representation Learning and Natural Language Processing
Why they joined
AI's advancements require trustworthy, explainable models that understand morality. VAI embodies this ethos, and Alan is proud to contribute to this vision.
Alex Braun
AI Engineer - Computer Vision
BFA Computer Animation, College for Creative Studies; Data Science Bootcamp, Galvanize
Computer Vision scientist and Cloud/ML Pipeline Architect with a background in 2D and 3D algorithms
Why they joined
AI promises a more functional world. To achieve this, there is a need to develop AI that humans can interact with and comprehend on a deeper level. Alex finds the potential of Category Theory's application to Virtuous AI's core technology compelling, leading to the conviction that this is the future that is being built.
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Doruk Karinca
AI Engineer - NLP
BS Computer Science & Engineering, UCLA; MS Computer Science, UCLA
Multiple AI modalities, LLM agents, planning, and question-answering
Why they joined
Doruk shares VAI's ethos for explainable, accurate, and scalable AI systems and values the team's proven track record.
Kai Cheung
AI Engineer - Search
BA Economics, UCLA
Machine Learning with domain expertise in Search, Recommendation, & Fraud Detection
Why they joined
Kai found like-minded individuals at VAI who share the goal of developing AI for the betterment of society. He also values the opportunity for greater impact at an early-stage company.
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Chris Happ
BS Economics, Mathematics, MIS Miami University (OH)
Transformative and visionary CEO with multiple highly successful exits, early stage technology investor and board member. Ex PwC, Ariba, Goby, MarketTime.
Why they joined
AI represents the next stage of technological advancement after the advent and mass adoption of the internet. I would put our VAI team against any in our space - they have built a better product offering a more explainable, private, and cost effective AI.
Erik Dahlinghaus
Engineering Lead
BS Robotics, WPI
Varied background in engineering and leadership, passionate about empowering people to build great products.
Why they joined
Erik sees AI as a valuable tool and believes understanding its output is crucial. He joined VAI for its small size and the opportunity to make a significant impact.
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Eric Nichols
Dev/Ops Engineer
Seasoned DevOps and Systems Engineer with extensive expertise in Infrastructure Orchestration/Automation, Systems Architecture, and Mission Critical Enterprise Applications. Skilled in delivering reliable and scalable solutions on Bare Metal, Cloud, or Hybrid environments
Why they joined
Eric is excited to collaborate with a talented team, push boundaries, and contribute to groundbreaking advancements in AI.
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Chris Patton
Head of Product
MS Computer Science - AI & CogSci, GaTech
Over a decade of startup experience driving high-value products in various industries - Specializing in AI, Cognitive Science, & human-computer interaction
Why they joined
Chris believes in the importance of transparent and governable AI systems for ethical and responsible deployment.
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Alex Braun
AI Engineer - Computer Vision
Kai Cheung
AI Engineer - Search
BA Econ - UCLA
Erik Dahlinghaus
Engineering Manager
BS Robotics - WPI
Rory Donovan
Founder, CTO
MS BME - CalPoly
Chris Happ
Doruk Karinca
AI Engineer - NLP
Eric Nichols
DevOps Engineer
Chris Patton
Head of Product
MS CS, AI/CogSci - GaTech
Alan Salimov
AI Engineer - GNN
BS CS, AI - Stanford


$15K / MO

Get started with your AI journey

  • 1 model
  • Full "AI-in-a-box" infrastructure
  • Cloud AI-as-a-Service
  • Open-source models
  • Product management consulting
$25K / MO

Everything you need for your AI program

BASIC, plus
  • Up to 10 models
  • Private cloud deployment
  • 3rd-party & predictive models
  • Embedded PM
$40K / MO

Scale your AI

  • No model limit
  • On-premise deployment
  • Custom models

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