The Complete Solution for Ethical AI

Develop AI that is explainable, equitable, and reliable

“State-of-the-art AI Models are often “blackboxes” in that there is no explainability and it is difficult to trust how they make their decisions. They may even have inherent bias and be unsafe. VirtuousAI helps solve this problem.” – Rory Donovan, CEO

Fair AI


AI Diagnostics & Analytics

Our toolset allows you to evaluate your AI models and gain confidence that they are trustworthy. We provide Virtue Index scores and recommended improvements to improve equity and eliminate bias.

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AI Feature Importance


AI Explainability

Drag and drop your AI data into our toolset or make a single API call and we’ll show you what factors are influencing your results. Use this information to improve your models and communicate what they are doing to your users.

AI Virtual Assistance


AI Assistance

Need help? Sign up for our premium package and consult with AI experts while developing your AI. Topics include explainability, bias, reliability, all applied to model architecture, law, and deployment, 

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Identify & eliminate gaps to become industry-leading today.

IaaS AI Model Interpretation & Development