About Us

At Virtuous AI…

At Virtuous AI, we believe in encoding human values into technology. Thus, we provide data scientists and upper management with a collaborative environment for developing and deploying AI that is fair, explainable, secure, and regulable. In particular, we provide infrastructure-as-code (IaC) to allow data management, advice, automation API, and contents moderation. That way you can easily get tools and access to a network of professionals to create better, more responsible AI solutions without having your own departments.

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What is Virtuous AI?

Virtuous AI was founded August 2019. At roughly that time, we had been at the aftermath of Cambridge Analytica’s use of Facebook ads to influence make a significant impact in both of the Ted Cruz and Trump campaigns. Cambridge Analytica had employed hundreds of thousands of data points collected by Facebook to very accurately predict each user’s behavior based on personality. As a result, distrust of the morals of Big Tech was at an all time high. Additionally, anti-trust investigations were being conducted on Google, among their other data privacy concerns. Twitter was criticized for their lax content policies.

The problem, Rory (Founder and CEO) believed, was mindless innovation. It was as if competitive advantage in the Silicon Valley was revolved around exploitation of one the 7 deadly sins. Thus, Virtuous AI was formed as a solution to the problem of innovation with the goal of understanding human virtues, using them for good, and creating a culture that can make it easier and economic for corporations to be more ethical.

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Our Values

The idea had been to form a company with the three pillars Ethics, Consultation, and Network. Our primary goal is to provide relentless adherence to virtues over vices: care, fairness, authority, loyalty, purity among various others. Furthermore, we want to harness the power of wisdom of the crowds by creating a vast, inclusive culture. We want you to be able post your content online, get eyes on it, and get feedback quickly that you would not in a closed environment. Lastly, we want to make the process of going Virtuous as easy as possible by bringing everything you need to you. That is why we created virtual consulting and advice.

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