Empowering businesses with accurate, private, and fully explainable AI solutions

Financial services

Revolutionize your financial operations and decision-making with Virtuous AI. Our AI platform delivers precise analytics for risk assessments, robust tools for fraud detection, and capabilities for tailored customer interactions. With a keen focus on regulatory compliance, Virtuous AI ensures that financial institutions not only harness the power of advanced AI but also remain aligned with industry standards and regulations (PCI, GDPR, SOX, AML, ECOA, etc).

Government & defense

Enhance your operational efficiency, realtime decision-making, and multi-domain operations with Virtuous AI’s human-on-loop capabilities. With our platform, you can enable your teams to quickly generate options, reduce noise, and understand the reasoning and impact to make quicker decisions. In addition, our model’s emphasis on accuracy and explainability supports transparent decision-making, vital for trust in these decisions. Plus, with stringent data protection and on-premise..


For cybersecurity endeavors, Virtuous AI stands as a powerful ally. Our platform excels in analyzing vast and complex data streams in real-time, and identifying potential threats with unparalleled accuracy. The explainable nature of our AI ensures that security professionals can understand and trace the logic behind its detections, facilitating swift and informed responses. Coupled with our robust data protection measures, Virtuous AI offers..


In the healthcare industry, Virtuous AI can be a transformative tool. By accurately analyzing patient data, from medical records to diagnostic images, our AI can aid in early disease detection and optimize treatment plans. The exploitability feature ensures that medical professionals can understand the reasoning behind AI-driven insights, promoting informed clinical decisions…

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