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President Biden’s AI Executive Order

Chris Patton
December 1, 2023

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Our take

President Biden’s Executive Order marks a significant and necessary step in the regulation of artificial intelligence – a move we at VirtuousAI wholeheartedly support. This order, focusing on AI safety, security, privacy, and equity, aligns with our belief that AI must be developed responsibly, prioritizing societal benefit, ethical considerations, and transparency. In fact, VirtuousAI has embraced the spirit of this order since our founding, and has built our AI from the ground up with these principles in mind.

Why we support the President’s Executive Order

The directive for AI developers to share safety test results and critical information with the U.S. government before public release resonates with our ethos. We’ve always advocated for AI systems that are not just innovative but also safe, secure, and trustworthy. This approach ensures that AI benefits society while mitigating potential risks, particularly in areas of national security and public health.

Furthermore, the advancement of privacy-preserving AI techniques and the commitment to protect Americans’ privacy align with our core principles. We believe in the power of AI that respects individual privacy and operates within ethical boundaries. The development of these standards by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Department of Homeland Security is a welcome move, promising a safer AI environment for all.

The Executive Order’s focus on equity and civil rights is particularly noteworthy. AI should be a tool for positive societal change, not a catalyst for discrimination or bias. The commitment to developing AI that is fair and equitable across all domains, including justice, healthcare, and housing, is crucial for creating a technology landscape that upholds civil rights and promotes equal opportunities.

VirtuousAI compliance

We’re proud to say that our AI and solutions have been developed with many of these common-sense principles already ingrained in our approach. Our AI solutions have been crafted with a deep commitment to ethics, transparency, and accountability — aligning closely with the directives of the Executive Order.

Our explainable models provide the transparency and governance mechanisms necessary to ensure that companies can confidently implement trustworthy, ethical solutions. In addition, our systems process user data which maintains the confidentiality and integrity of that data, ensuring that personal information is protected at every step.

As we move forward, we are committed to continually aligning our AI with both the letter and spirit of this Executive Order – updating our technologies to not just meet but exceed the standards set by this new regulation. Our goal remains steadfast: to develop AI technologies that are not only advanced and efficient but also responsible and beneficial to society.

We’re here for you!

If you’re looking to ensure your business complies with the new Executive Order on AI, our solutions are designed to meet these standards. By using our AI, you can stay aligned with the latest in safety, security, and ethical AI practices.

Contact us to find out how our AI can help keep your business compliant and ahead in the AI landscape.


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