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How to Build Trust in AI

August 23, 2023

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AI has been a hot topic of conversation in recent years as more and more businesses have begun to develop and implement various artificial intelligence technologies. For these AI systems to work effectively, they must be trusted by the people who interact with them. Building trust in AI is crucial in creating a successful relationship between the user and the AI technology and enabling its use in everyday life. 

Understanding the AI Trust Gap

One of the major challenges when it comes to AI is how to build trust in AI—between people and machines. Despite increasingly sophisticated technology, many people remain reluctant to work with AI systems due to concerns about accuracy or reliability. 

This reluctance can be attributed partly to a lack of understanding about how these systems work and what they can do, leading some to mistrust them completely. Humans are naturally driven to seek information and explanations to reduce uncertainty. 

To bridge the gap between people and AI, it is important to understand why trust in AI systems is important and how it can be built. This is where explainability comes in.

The Role of Explainability in AI Systems

Explainability is key in building trust in AI systems. People need to understand the rationale behind an AI system’s decisions and be able to question them if necessary. This means that AI systems must be built with transparency in mind so that people can easily comprehend how they work.

In addition, explanations can enhance adherence to regulations such as GDPR, ensure the reliability of your models, convince customers to trust your models, and educate yourself or your team on enhancing performance.

The Road to AI Trust

The journey to building trust in AI by humans is a long and winding one; there are no simple solutions or quick fixes. To create a trusting relationship between people and AI, we must first understand the reasons behind mistrust and develop strategies that address these concerns.

There are several steps businesses, innovators, and governments can take to build trust in AI systems. These include developing effective communication strategies, prioritizing transparency, and demonstrating accountability. People must also be trained in using and interacting with AI systems. Strict regulations must also be in place to prevent any violations or issues.

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